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MatchMaker has been developed for organizations that want to save costs by a faster and smarter automated reconciliation of payments. Because of intelligent reconciliation rules it is possible to automatically reconcile and process 90% or more of the payments that are received on a daily basis in your financial administration. This will create considerable savings in time and an increased productivity of your employees.

For automatic reconciliation purposes there are a number of flexible and adaptable criteria that a match should at least meet for automatic processing. Furthermore, MatchMaker itself will provide suggestions for the remaining working stock on the basis of the further manual processing which means that rejections can be processed quickly and easily.


Functionalities include

  • Automated payment reconciliation
  • Booking of differences in payments to various ledger accounts
  • Automated distribution of payments
  • Automatic processing of payment discount rules
  • Delivery of journal items to the accounting system or ERP package
  • Easy to integrate into any financial system
  • Self learning

Features include

  • 90% or more of all payments can be processed automatically
  • Time saving
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Employees only handle exceptions
  • Proven performance in high volumes
  • Suitable for any line of business
  • Seamless match with any financial system
  • Can be used in combination with CreditManager and Collector


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