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Collector COOL is especially aimed at larger debt-collection agencies, debt collection lawyers, banks, insurers, energy companies or leasing companies with special collections departments. It is the most advanced software for the effective creation of files and their follow-up. The software is suitable for high volumes of files and very flexible because of data integration. Files can be generated in various ways (imports, manual entry or via web services). The files are linked to a powerful workflow system as a result of which actions always appear timely and targeted on your employees’ diaries. The workflow system contains a powerful decision-engine through which Collector is able to decide independently in many cases what the next step should be in a file. As a result, activities are handled automatically as much as possible and the employees will only have to take care of the exceptions and the personal contacts with the debtors.

Functionalities include

  • Automatic creation of files
  • Easy document management using templates from our DocumentBuilder tool
  • Advanced workflow engine
  • Extensive standard reports (Microsoft reporting services technology – SSRS)
  • Comprehensive payment functionality
  • Interactive client portal
  • Interactive debtor portal
  • Flexible extensions through Credit Apps and attribute technology

Features include

  • Multi language
  • Multi currency
  • Digital file creation
  • Advanced workflows
  • Clever output management
  • DocumentBuilder technology for templating
  • Flexible
  • Latest technology through Microsoft Certified Gold Partnership
  • Proven performance in high volumes
  • Suitable for larger debt-collection agencies and special collections departments in any line of business

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