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Are you considering purchasing one or more Credit Tools software modules? Then we would like to inform you about the Credit Tools approach. During the full implementation process, our project leaders and consultants will work with you to make your project a success. The project leader will be your central point of contact for all your questions during the implementation process and he will be keen to join you in making the project a success! The consultant can be contacted directly for technical content questions.

The Credit Tools project approach is based on over 10 years of experience and hundreds of successful implementations. Furthermore, our project leaders have been trained in standard project methodologies (Prince2) and they have a vast knowledge of project management and credit management.

Below we will give you a clear overview of the project steps and what you may expect from us:

  • Step 1: the blue print stage
  • Step 2: the implementation stage
  • Step 3: the training
  • Step 4: the acceptance test
  • Step 5: Go-Live! stage
  • Step 6: Aftercare
  • Step 7: Project evaluation

For detailed  information of the different stages: sent an email to and ask for the pdf.

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