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When you opt for the hosting service, the software will not be installed onsite but in our specialized external data centre. Via an external network connection you can use of all the functionalities. This service ensures a secure technical environment in which your Credit Tools software has been installed. The installation, maintenance, management and support are all included in this service. The major advantage of hosting is that you can make use of our software without your internal IT department having to carry out additional work. Credit Tools makes things as easy and convenient as possible for you.

Advantages of hosting by Credit Tools

  • Ease and convenience: no extra burden on your internal IT department
  • Support service provided by our support desk
  • Maximum security
  • Automatic software updates

For a comprehensive schedule that explains the build-up of the data centre you can download this pdf document: Credit Tools Network

The technical specifications with respect to the data centre and security are laid down in this document: Credit Tools Specsheet Datacenter

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