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  • Credit Tools Creditmanagement Software

    We make your cash flow

    Credit Tools Credit Management Software

We stand by our word

With our software we are able to streamline the entire process from “order to cash”. From customer acceptance, invoicing, accounts receivable management, payment processing up to and including judicial collection. The software can be implemented as separate modules or integrally as a complete collection cycle.

Our experienced credit managers speak your language and together with our IT specialists they create software solutions for the automation of credit management procedures. Our software can be deployed in any line of business.

The software is highly configurable and extendable through Credit Apps© and Attribute technology, providing the best fit with your organisation. But more importantly: we stand by our word and are committed to our customers!

About us

Credit Tools has been developing and implementing credit management software for almost 15 years. Our team of over 40 committed employees consists of a mix of experienced credit managers and IT specialists. Our software is used by more than 10,000 end users in 450 organizations in 20 countries. Together, they have a cash flow of 125 billion euro.

Each year we invest thousands of man hours in the development of our software, therefore we are a frontrunner in providing our clients with the latest technology and functional solutions in the credit management world.

Credit Tools has been a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner for many years. This means that we always have direct access to the latest Microsoft support and technology.

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